HY680 Middle Speed Draw-texturing Machine

    HY680 also named HY301 texturing machine is a latest texturing machine. It is designed to meet the requirement of majority of end users to produce higher quality DTY yarn, on the basis of our texturing machine developed by our company as well as oversea and domestic senior level, the same type of texturing machine. This machine is suitable to process polyester filament yarn into DTY yarn with middle or low bulk. Clients can select to install intermingle jets which can make good quality intermingle yarn. This machine’s characters is high performance price ratio.
    The design of HY680 texturing machine is more reasonable on the structure. Take-up device mounted on the frame of main machine has layers. The main frame reference high speed texturing machine structure composes with the steel plate. Its rigidity surpasses Functional Draw-texturizing Machine, drives normally when the machine maximum speed achieve 680m/min. The cooling plates and threading devices both are use the high speed texturing machine structure.
    Driving system adopts AC-asynchronous motor inverter speed regulation technology. Displayed on color screen with man-machine interface. Each driving system is driven by individual motor. Induction proximity switch send feedback signal to realize closed-loop control. Both speed and temperature of side A and side B can be controlled independently, control precision better.
    HY680 texturing machine is equipped with special HT862 friction unit and clutch holder, simple structure, convenient regulation, easy maintenance. It can be stacked with from 9mm PU or ceramic discs.
    HY680 texturing machine uses dowtherm to improve DTY dyeing performance. The primary heater length is 2m.The secondary heater is a 1.3m long. The temperature control range is from 160ОC~250ОC .The thermal insulation of the heater is good; the heater is monitored by Micro-process technology. The temperature tolerance is narrow ±1ОC is to get ideal texturizing yarn.
    Frequency motor and disturbance changes the speed of cam to realize anti-ribbon, and anti-convex to optimize winding shape and give good unwinding.
    The machine is equipped with yarn sensor and yarn cutter as well as displacement device in front of each roller. This protects the belts and extends the service life.
    End user can select below II roller or III roller position to install intermingle jets which can make good quality intermingle yarn.
    The processing range from 110~330 dtex for polyester, is especially suitable for minifil yarn, such as 300D cation fiber, lustrous filament, semi-bright fiber, intermingle yarn for DTY.

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