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﹛﹛Wuxi Textile Industry Association was founded at 3rd, Dec. 2001. It includes 216 members, 82 directors, 26 standing directors, 12 president and vice-president, 1 part-time Secretary-General. There are one section and three departments under the Association's standing council, they are Secretariat ﹜ Industry Management Department ﹜ Technology Consultation Department and Financial Department.

Character: Wuxi Textile Industry Association with the characteristics of professional association (Academy) of the city ﹜ founded unconstraint ﹜ with no profit purpose ﹜ self-discipline and separate is an independent legal entity. It includes all categories such as cotton mill ﹜ spinning ﹜ silk ﹜ flax ﹜ knitting ﹜ textile machine and so on about Wuxi ﹜ Jiangyin ﹜ Yixing , it also include enterprises on textile researching ﹜ textile trading ﹜ universities and colleges. The tenet of Textile Industry Association is providing services for the modernization of wuxi textile ﹜ government ﹜ industry ﹜ and association members, it is the bridge and tache between textile enterprises and government, it is the agency between textile and market. Textile industry ﹜ enterprise and market's relationship is corresponded by this association, and it maintenances common benefit, promotes development. It obeys National Constitution ﹜ Law ﹜ Code and National Policy, Community moral , conforms a principle of honesty, carries out activities obeying the rule of law.

Function: 1 ﹜ Researching the problems in the industry reformation and development, and bringing forward opinions and advices about textile industry reformation ﹜ development ﹜ industry policy ﹜ technology economic policy ﹜ law making and so on for the government.2 ﹜ Trying its best to collect ﹜ settle ﹜ analyze ﹜ issue industry economic ﹜ technology information . 3 ﹜ Organizing enterprises to take part in all kinds of exhibition ﹜ sales conference to exploit home and aboard market; 4 ﹜ Organizing enterprises to intercourse technology and academic, providing different kinds of technology consultation and service; 5 ﹜ Organizing kinds of training and extend activity , appraisal and spread achievement to improve the entire quality of industry. 6 ﹜ Maintenance industry whole benefit and consumers' legal rights. Reflect the demand of associators for government; investigate countermeasure advice, maintenance associators' legal rights. 7 ﹜ The other job ,that is entrusted by government for companies require.

Organization setting: 1 Secretariat: taking charge of daily work of association, correspond all kinds of relationship; 2 Industry management department : doing some investigation , predominate the trend of industry, providing advice of the industry of development and some policy, organizing market exploitation and professional training, issuing information; 3 Technology consultation department: extend new technology ﹜ material ﹜ equipment and product ﹜ make the standard of industry , organize technology consultation; 4 Financial department: Taking charge of finance management, taking in Association fee, dealing with the thing of common finance.

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