HY600A Middle Speed Draw-texturing Machine

    HY600A Middle Speed Draw-texturing Machine is developed on the basis of advantages of similar advanced machines in home and overseas. It is suitable to process the polyester and polyamide into mid-elastic and low- elastic draw-texturing yarns. This model is a high performance-to- price ratio product suitable for the majority of users because of its energy consumption lowly, high efficiency and stability.
    The design of this machine is more reasonable on the structure. Take-up device mounted on the frame of main machine has three layers. Bigger space between primary heater and secondary heater is available. Cooling plate , which controls yarn vibration and reduces friction ,is placed in this space. It improves the quality of DTY.
    The Winding system adopts patented new type precision winding and special drum, could effectively realize anti-patterning and anti-convex, and could obtain the best package building and good unreeling effect. The structure of integral traverse box is good for the improvement of lubrication.
    HY600A Draw-texturing Machine is equipped with special HT825F friction unit and clutch holder, which is easy to adjust the direction of twist. Its structure is simple and convenient to maintain. It can be stacked with several kinds of discs according to different requirement.
    HY600A Draw-texturing Machine’s driving system adopts alternating asynchronism, every drive adopts separate driving, the speed is closed loop controlled. Temperature is controlled by PLC technic , plus colored touching LCD screen; so the user could input or modify the spinning process on basis of the menu, which is easy to operate the A or B side of the machine.
    The machine uses dowtherm to improve DTY dyeing performance. The primary heater and secondary heater adopt vapor phase biphenyl heating system, its heat-keeping power is lowland, efficiency is very high. It adopts microprocessor controlling system, the showing precision can get to +1ОC, so it could obtain the ideal effect of deformation and fixing.
    HY600A Draw-texturing is equipped with equipments of sensor and cutting yarn, as well as displacement device in front of each roller.
    End user can select below II roller or III roller position to install intermingle jets which can make good quality intermingle yarn.

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